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A PS 1 or PS 2 is indispensable when it comes to exploiting the full bass range. It is responsible for the reproduction of low-frequency sound and offers magnificent «performance» in home cinemas and in the stereo range. The socket panel provides a wide range of connection options for stereo systems with a power amplifier, stereo systems with power amplifier featuring a separate MAIN IN/PRE OUT loop or surround systems with an AV receiver.

Despite its small dimensions, the newTMicro series has an astonishingly impressive fullbodied sound. In combination with the classic aluminum cabinet, neodymium dome and precision-tuned frequency crossover, this loudspeaker can be used as a stand-alone system with superb sound quality, inspite of its modest dimensions.

A center speaker is indispensable for the spoken word in any surround sound system. The requirements here are for clear, distinct and authentic sound.We recommend choosing the center from the same series as the loudspeakers in order to ensure an ideal match of the sound properties with the loudspeakers.

Precision designs that are unique and yet intelligent, coupled with selected technology are the key features of the loudspeakers in the AP and AS series. The benefits of the AP and AS series are in its universal use. Both models can be used as stereo loudspeakers, as surround and center loudspeakers, as well as sound systems in large areas. Regardless of whether vertical, horizontal or ceiling mounting is chosen, AP/AS can be operated in all directions without any loss in quality. In surround sound operation, the use of an active subwoofer, PS 1 or PS 2, guarantees a genuine cinema experience! A simple wall bracket has been specially developed for this series for wall and ceiling mounting. It is hardly visible and its level can be adjusted to the height required.

The Smart series consists of a filigree column loudspeaker, a compact bookshelf loudspeaker and the matching center. Inspite of its smaller dimensions, it is capable of reproducing all musical directions with a clean and airy musical experience. It's hard to believe what these loudspeakers can achieve. They are equipped with basses using the MDS® technology, neodymium domes, and a precision-designed and carefully tuned frequency crossover.With the addition of a subwoofer such as a PS 1 to this Smart series, they offer superlative performance, even providing sufficient sound for large rooms.

The column loudspeakers of this series are highly popular whilst still offering musical and aesthetic enjoyment. Premium loudspeakers come with the legendary PIEGA LDR ribbon and produce an impressive treble range with a fine, silky and crystal clear sound. The most advanced bass chassis with MDS® technology ensure a full-bodied bass performance. The Premium 7 loudspeaker is even fitted with a separate MDS® midrange. All Premium models impress with tremendous, dynamic musicality, even at very low volume levels. They are used where the space available to the loudspeaker is less than the musical demands placed on them. Premium models with a PIEGA ribbon tweeter are available in a wide range of sizes, from the small 30 cm high compact loudspeaker to the meter high column loudspeaker up to the slim-line 160 cm column loudspeaker. The inclusion in the series of two center loudspeakers in different sizes makes the Premium series particularly attractive to multi-channel lovers.

The development of the MasterONE was completed early in 2009 after a great deal of research, calculation work, testing. A few sleepless nights were also had! We have managed to create the world's first single dipole system that combines the uniqueness of the coaxial ribbon system and the essential elements of slim-line column loudspeakers, thus setting a further milestone in the history of loudspeaker development.

Duden describes «coaxial» as «having a common axis». And this is exactly the advantage of the high-end Coax series. With the coaxial ribbon system, tweeter and midrange have been combined in a single unit, forming a single acoustic center, in the X, Y and Z axes. What does this ingenious technology offer the music lover? Thanks to the coaxial ribbon system, all frequencies are transferred and perceived by the human ear at the same time. This therefore prevents the production of any interference, thus ensuring perfect sound quality. The speed of the ultrafast bass chassis, harmonizing perfectly with our racy coaxial ribbon system, also contributes to this excellent sound quality. Regardless of the musical direction being played, the Coax line offers a breathtaking sound quality at high and low volume levels.

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